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About Panzino Creations 
Michele Panzino

My name is Michele Panzino, I am the owner of Panzino Creations. I am a mother of 4 children. I love creating beautiful items. Many years I started when I was a single mother. I always wanted my kids to have everything, even if I could not afford it. I also found ways to make money with my beautiful gift from God. My family is very supportive, my husband and son help with my wood work and my daughter helps with the business parts, she helped me create this website. With times right now so unpredictable.. Small Businesses are going to be more scarce then before. Please before you think about buying big think of the little guys out there. Any money giving goes right into supporting my family. Yes, helping with my son's sport activities, and my daughters college. All my items are hand sewn, I don't use a sewing machine. I love how the stitches look, on my primitive goods. All my items are given that special touch. They are all baked and painted with my primitive mix, so no item will look the same, they may burn different in the oven. When you purchase one of my items please know that they are one of a kind and made with the best love, Small Business Love. 

God Bless 

Thank you may God bless you in these trying times. 

Michele Panzino.  

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